Henrico Photo Covid-19 policy

Updated 05-23-2020.

Only one client will be admitted in the studio at all times, except if accompanied by a member/partner from the direct family, and children that need to be photographed.

Appointments will be scheduled in intervals to prevent multiple clients at one time, please arrive on time.

If you, or a family member/partner have covid-19 symptoms, please let me know, so we can reschedule your appointment.

The 6 feet social distance rule is in place.

A facemask is required. Until the state of Virginia changes this rule, you’re required to wear a face mask. If you arrive without a facemask, disposable facemasks are available for a nominal fee of $1.00 per person. When putting on your mask, make sure to cover your nose, mouth and chin. Use the loops or ties to remove your mask again and do not touch the mask itself. Wash your hands with water and soap, or use disinfectant hand gel immediately. You will temporarily remove your mask when ready to be photographed, and we will keep this period as short as possible. When removing your face mask, make sure to follow the above-mentioned instructions. Store in a clean space, e.g. in a clean plastic bag. You’re not allowed to slide your mask under your chin or put it on your head.

Hand cleaner and sanitizer, as well as paper tissues, are available in the studio.

The studio will be sanitized/cleaned before the first appointment, and in between client appointments as soon after one client leaves.

Updated 07-06-2020.

Download the Virginia pase one business sector guidlines PDF by clicking here.

Download the Virginia pase two business sector guidlines PDF by clicking here.

Download the Virginia pase three business sector guidlines PDF by clicking here.