We offer affordable location sessions in RVA

We gladly meet you in the convenience of your place of residence, office or any local outside location for your individual, family, business or corporate photography and events.

Family events


Birthday parties, family reunions and other important family gatherings are perfect to be memorized with candid photos. On that special day, when the whole family comes together. Henrico Photo would like to preserve the moment in time documenting the event. We are able to photograph both inside and outside location events, and an inside mobile studio for posed portraits is available.

Please contact us for any special photography services you may have.

Sweet 16


Having your daughter’s sweet 16 celebration event? We can cover this event, and our service includes documenting the event at its location with candid photos. Henrico Photo can meet at the family home to photograph the make-up and hairstyling, and other preparations of the Sweet 16 girl.

Depending if the location allows me, we are also able to set up an inside mobile studio for posed portraits. Retouching is not included except for minor background and color corrections. If requested, retouching individual photos is available for a small fee.

Since these events are unique, custom packages are available with all your photography wishes and requirements.

Childcare providers


For childcare providers we provide the service to have a picture day at your location, much like school pictures. This is a great way to offer your clients an affordable portrait opportunity. Henrico Photo is available to set up at your location for individual posed portraits, and candid portraits in the activity room. A group photo will also be created.

Parents are not required to purchase any of the photos, but parental permission to photograph each child is required.

The group photo and individual photos can also be printed in greeting cards, or a collage can be made from portraits of each individual child, and printed in poster size to be displayed at the childcare center. Individual retouching is not included except for minor background and color corrections.

Custom packages are available.


Business and corporate events


Business and corporate events, portraits for office display, ID badges as well for advertising can all be created at your office, our studio or on any location. Need employee portraits or pictures of your products for web or print advertising?

Please contact us with your request and I will provide you with an estimate.



Some studio and location sessions do require some form of retouching, like High school senior, fashion and glamour sessions. Color correction is included with all our digital portraits. At Henrico Photo you have the choice of 2 levels of retouching, basic and deluxe.

Basic retouching includes minor skin touch up, removal of blemishes and background clean up.

Deluxe retouching includes skin touch up, removal of blemishes, minor enhancement of hair, eyes, mouth and teeth. Also included is background clean up, minor facial sculpture and soft focusing if desired.

For a small fee additional individual enhancement may include glasses glare, stray hair removal, small object removal and scare removal, as well as minor repair or cleaning of damaged clothing.



Do you have old photographs that you treasure, family portraits passed on from generations or that old house your mom and dad used to live in, where you grew up as a child? We all have those old photos and sometimes they end up with stains or rips. We can restore your precious memories into new ones, leaving your originals untouched.

The digital process of retouching is scanning the original in to the computer, retouching and finally the new print. Your original photos are only needed for a few minutes when they are scanned in to the computer at our studio, while you wait, so you are not left without them for a long period of time.

For large photos, or photos that are fragile when removed out of the frame, we can come to your location and photocopy the subject while framed and hanging on your wall. This is also possible for paintings and other objects you would like to have photographed. Depending on the size of the object, it is also possible to have this done in our studio.

There is a small additional fee for this since it requires a lighting and photography setup at your location.