We offer affordable portrait sittings in our studio

The studio is located in the residential area of Darbytown Meadows, Henrico County, approximately 5 minutes from the Richmond international airport. The studio has three camera rooms, one each with its own specialty, from simple ID/passport/headshots and individual fashion style to traditional family portraits. A family or a group of up to six will fit comfortably in each studio with unlimited posing possibilities. The camera rooms are set up in both low and hi-key.



Uphold your child's or family's life development with a family portrait.

 Each new step of your child's development should be cherished and remembered for years to come with an family portrait.

Don’t wait until it is too late and young children have grown up. It is also a great way to include grandparents, favorite aunts and uncles in the family portrait.

And remember, at Henrico Photo you can include your pets*, because they are part of the family too!



*For in studio photography, small pets with caretaker only please.




We like to capture you at your best. Individual portraits made for any occasion, holiday or birthday, makes the perfect gift for family and friends, or just for yourself. Business and corporate portraits for office display or commercial use as well for advertising can all be created.

Individual portraits are made with the focus on you, with or without props.

And remember, at Henrico Photo you can include your pet*, because they are part of your life.

Please feel free to bring your own favorite accessory to the studio.


*For in studio photography, small pets with caretaker only please.

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We offer senior portraits, either in the studio and on location, or both. It is our intention to create the portrait session fun and enjoyable. We will shoot in the studio, or on location, and allow for several clothing or background changes. At the end you will have a variety of different poses to choose from.

If you and your friends get together we can offer a reduced session fee for each of you on a same appointment session.

This also allows us to create a group portrait from your high school friends, while you are all together.

Please note: Some parks do charge a professional photography fee. Please check first.

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A sensual and romantic glamour/boudoir portrait is a great gift for yourself or your significant other, possibly showing the lingerie you just bought for yourself or that he or she bought just for you?

Perhaps you like a sensual or romantic group portrait, together with your best friends? Or you would like a personalized calendar just for your significant other, or a group of friends?

Glamour/boudoir portraits are created in the privacy of our studio.

If you like, it is also possible to have a glamour/boudoir session in the privacy of your own home.

Henrico Photo will gladly create the romantic pictures just the way you like, soft or as spicy as you wish.

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Newborn & Maternity

thumb You can have your newborn portrait session performed at my studio or at your home. We like to create the portraits of your little one in the studio as we have a variety of props available, and having all needed accessories near by, this will create a smooth workflow, while your newborn baby is at sleep. You will have a great experience at our studio and receive precious portraits of your family member that will last for a lifetime.

Of course we can create precious portraits at your home as well. We can bring a backdrop of your choice and set-up in a room with available window light or use flash. There also might be a nice home décor at your home we can use as a setting.

There are two ways to photograph your newborn baby. Of course you decide how your precious one is photographed, with diaper in place or not. We do have a variety of diaper covers with matching hats, and there are numerous ways to cover a diaper with drapes or blankets etc. All photographs from nude babies are of decent exposure and will not show any private parts.

The best time to photograph newborn babies is before 12 days of age. They sleep longer and deeper as well as take the poses more comfortable as when they where in the womb. After two weeks of age babies stay awake longer and may not sleep as deep.

Book your appointment early, at least 6 weeks before the due date. We will adjust your appointment if you have an updated due date or as soon as the baby is born. This will place your session in our calendar ahead of time.

Baby portrait plan.

The baby portrait plan is to assure you will not miss a milestone in your babies first year. There is no time in life that will change us as often as in the first year. We will create individual portraits of the little one at 4, 8 and 12 months. Besides individual portraits, a nice family portrait is also important to add to the record of your child. This will be a treasure of a lifetime as babies grow up quick, and before you know it, your new daughter or son is off to school.

Safety first

At our studio or at your home, baby’s safety comes first. We will create beautiful artistic and creative memories of your newborn in a safe way. We will not photograph poses that have the baby suspended of the ground. We will not take a change in accidents, as we are sure you will like the portraits we create without taking the risk.

Two adults minimum during a newborn session. We do require two adults to come with the baby to the studio, or be at your home while performing the session. Besides mom; dad, grandma or a close friend can come along to assist us in creating the precious portraits of your newborn. Please bring all normal baby accessories and feeding with you to the studio.

If you have a request for a particular pose with accessories, please let us know before the session is scheduled.

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Fashion & Model portfolio


We enjoy creating an unforgettable portrait session that brings out the best of you.

Whether you like fashion style photos for your own pleasure, or to build a model portfolio, we love to welcome you in the studio, or set up a location shoot.

We will shoot in the studio, or if you like, on location, and allow for several clothing or background changes.

At the end you will have a variety of different photos to choose from.

You are encouraged to bring your hair and makeup artist with you at your session for the best looking photos.

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Childcare providers


For childcare providers we provide the service to have a picture day at our studio, much like school pictures. This is a great way to offer your clients an affordable portrait opportunity. Henrico Photo is available for individual posed studio portraits, and we are able to have 3 different setting at the same session time. A group photo will also be created.

Parents are not required to purchase any of the photos, but parental permission to photograph each child is required.

The group photo and individual photos can also be printed in greeting cards, or a collage can be made from portraits of each individual child, and printed in poster size to be displayed at the childcare center. Individual retouching is not included except for minor background and color corrections.

Custom packages are available.



Some studio and location sessions do require some form of retouching, like High school senior, fashion and glamour sessions. Color correction is included with all our digital portraits. At Henrico Photo you have the choice of 2 levels of retouching, basic and deluxe.

Basic retouching includes minor skin touch up, removal of blemishes and background clean up.

Deluxe retouching includes skin touch up, removal of blemishes, minor enhancement of hair, eyes, mouth and teeth. Also included is background clean up, minor facial sculpture and soft focusing if desired.

For a small fee additional individual enhancement may include glasses glare, stray hair removal, small object removal and scare removal, as well as minor repair or cleaning of damaged clothing.



Do you have old photographs that you treasure, family portraits passed on from generations or that old house your mom and dad used to live in, where you grew up as a child? We all have those old photos and sometimes they end up with stains or rips. We can restore your precious memories into new ones, leaving your originals untouched.

The digital process of retouching is scanning the original in to the computer, retouching and finally the new print. Your original photos are only needed for a few minutes when they are scanned in to the computer at our studio, while you wait, so you are not left without them for a long period of time.

For large photos, or photos that are fragile when removed out of the frame, we can come to your location and photocopy the subject while framed and hanging on your wall. This is also possible for paintings and other objects you would like to have photographed. Depending on the size of the object, it is also possible to have this done in our studio.

There is an additional fee for this since it requires a lighting and photography setup at your location.