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Welcome to Henrico Photo

Soon available for all your in-studio family and business portrait photography, currently only available for (certified) international and US passport photography service. Locally operated and only minutes away from the Richmond International Airport. Passport photos are ready while you wait, by appointment only on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Please note: This website is currently being refreshed.

A fortune cookie once told me:

A smile is your passport into the hearts of others.
Having your portrait taken should be an enjoyable moment and not just “say cheese” and be in and out of the studio in 5 minutes.

For more information please call, email or visit:
Call: 1-804-665-7908

Family photography

I am known for my dedication and passion in quality oriented, family portrait photography.

My studio has three camera rooms, from headshots to fashion and modern individual to traditional family portraits.

The camera rooms are set up uniquely, each for low or hi-key studio portraiture.

Business photography

I am also available for in studio business photography needs, like business headshots, business cards and ID badges.

Limited to small in studio commercial product photography, as well as working with models in fashion product portfolios, for example print or online websites.

Passport photos

I am Richmond’s most trusted passport, VISA and ID photographer, certified and experienced in international passport photos, confirm the strict specifications, working with IDphotoPRO European passport software.

Recommended by the Royal Dutch Embassy in Washington DC, for Dutch passport photos.

Service guaranteed

Passport photos are printed in the studio, ready while you wait.

I am certified trough the New York Institute of Photography and the Dutch “Stichting Nederlandse Fotovakhandel”.
(Dutch Foundation of Photography Professionals)

I am in business in Henrico Country since 2008.

Thank you for the time and patience in photographing my family, both in your studio and at our home.
They were the best photo sessions we've ever had.
You did a great job photo shopping out small details and replacing the backgrounds.
It made a huge difference in the pictures.

We are very happy with our collection and look forward to more family photo sessions with you in the years ahead.

Most sincerely and gratefully, John & Loys McLaughlin.

John & Loys McLaughlin

Family portraits

Erin goes above and beyond to make sure your photos are perfect.
I am so happy I found her to take my Canadian passport photos for me.
She did a great job and I got my passport no problem!
Her prices are great as well.

You will probably also end up having an awesome conversation with her, like I did.

Thank you!


Canadian passport photo

Thank you, Mrs. Erin Paula for pleasant, relaxed photo sessions!
You put the models at ease making sessions fun and efficient.
Thank you for hours of editing for great results.
Mrs. Erin Paula of Henrico Photo provided some photography for my web site, my portfolio, family portraits and a family event at my home.

I enjoy working with Mrs. Paula and I am always happy with the results, professionally and personally.

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Business advertising

Thank you Mrs. Paula for making our session an exciting experience.
We absolutely love the pictures!
I am truly inspired by each and every smile and pose on all the portraits, making a decision to choose which ones we want is difficult lol.

I am also anxious to do more!

Warm Regards, Deanna.


Family portraits

If you are in need of passport pictures for a country within the European union, i highly recommend Henrico Photo.
Erin is professional and very nice.

Thank you Erin for the same day appointment and the time you took to show us that Germany isn't the only country within the European union that is very particular about the passport pictures.

It was nice to meet you.


German passport photo

Erin is great, very meticulously.
Its in house studio, ample parking, very good price.

Perfect for Dutch and US passport pictures.

You can see a lot of samples.


Dutch passport photo

Erin was great on all counts, making it easy to get a perfect professional French passport photo for our 6-year-old.

She has the latest technology to match international specifications and kept the process both fun and efficient.

Nick Godt

French passport photo

Goeie morgen: Ik was een paar weken geleden bij u voor paspoort foto's (op die regenachtige Woensdagmiddag).
Ik heb net mijn nieuwe paspoort gekregen en de foto's waren goed.
Dus nogmaals hartelijk dank voor de moeite en dat U dit voor ons doet.

Gelukkig hoefde ik er niet zo ver voor te reizen als sommige Nederlanders die hier wonen.

Heleen uit Williamsburg.

Dutch passport photo