Babies, newborns/infants, and young children passport photography.

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On this page you find information about:

Newborn/infants. (0-2 months/2-12 months)
Young children. (one year and up)
A sample of a newborn passport photo session.

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Newborns, infants and young children.

Of course babies and young children need their passport photos taken just as much as anyone else.

Understandably, it usually takes more time to get the adorable little one to have his or her picture taken correctly. Unlike some other studios, there is no additional sitting fee for this.

Most governments are easier on the rules, when it comes to baby and young children passport photos. But still, they need to pass most of the requirements. I gladly work with you, the parent, as a team, to get the correct pose.

Newborn/infants. (0-2 months/2-12 months)

Although I do have a baby poser available in my studio, please bring your newborn or infant in his/her baby seat carrier to the studio. I will use a white backdrop muslin sheet on top of the baby seat carrier, or use the studio’s baby poser, and you than will place your child in his/her seat, thereby creating the white background, and have your newborn relaxed and comfortable.

Young children. (1 year and up)

When possible, your child will be sitting on a regular posing chair, and you might have to be helping in supporting him/her for safety and in posing. That’s why I prefer to have both parents, or another relative/friend, to come to the studio.

A sample of a newborn passport photo session.

The following is a sample of a studio session for an infant passport photo. (She so happens to be my granddaughter.)

In this sample I am making use of the studio’s baby poser, a special tool to position newborn and infants for studio photography.

There are various photo requirements, that vary per country, rest assure I have the specifications, and experience needed to get a passing photo.

Due to the setup, there will be always some wrinkles in the background which are allowed for some countries, but not all. I will remove and soften these where needed.

The following photos will show how to get to this sample of a newborn passport photo. (USA specification):

For safety reasons, there is always a parent or adult family member nearby during the session, to keep an eye on the newborn, in this case the father. This is true for every session involving children.

I do photograph newborn and infants this way, instead of having them laying on the ground. To me that just don’t feel comfortable for the little one, next to the different lighting setup needed to obtain a good quality photo.

Passport photos, nowadays, are not like they used to be in the old days, where you could be more yourself, instead of looking neutral, pose in an angle with one ear visible, and was allowed to smile. Remember we used to pass along left over passport photos to friends?

Although the stricter rules, baby’s first passport photo is still something to remember. For a small fee, you have the option to add a keychain with the passport photo. This will be done at the same time of the passport photo, so you have the keychain together with your passport photos when you leave my studio.

Keychain 2 400x500
Keychain 1 400x500
keychain 3 400x500
Studio Location

The studio is located in the residential area of Darbytown Meadows, Henrico County.

6361 Springcrest ln.
Henrico, VA. 23231

Hours of Operation:
Wednesdays and Thursdays, by appointment only, between
09:00 a.m. – 09:00 p.m.

Passport photo costs:

All international passport and VISA photos are $24.99 plus tax. (except Canada)

Canadian passport photos are $26.99 plus tax.

USA passport photos are $19.99 plus tax.

Additional prints are $9.99 plus tax per sheet and one additional digital photo is $4.99 plus tax.

Service guaranteed

Passport photos are printed in the studio, ready while you wait.

Certified through the New York Institute of Photography and the Stichting Nederlandse Fotovakhandel.
(Dutch Foundation of Photography Professionals)

Member PPA: Professional Photographers of America.

Studio Equipment

The studio is equipped with a dedicated and calibrated computer-lighting-camera system, with products from Canon, HP, HiTi and IDphotoPRO.

The background will be confirming the specifications and will be bright white, white, gray, light or dark blue as needed/required by each country’s unique government requirement.

Erin goes above and beyond to make sure your photos are perfect.
I am so happy I found her to take my Canadian passport photos for me.
She did a great job and I got my passport no problem!
Her prices are great as well.
You will probably also end up having an awesome conversation with her, like I did.

Thank you!


Canadian passport photo

Goeie morgen: Ik was een paar weken geleden bij u voor paspoort foto's (op die regenachtige Woensdagmiddag).
Ik heb net mijn nieuwe paspoort gekregen en de foto's waren goed.
Dus nogmaals hartelijk dank voor de moeite en dat U dit voor ons doet.
Gelukkig hoefde ik er niet zo ver voor te reizen als sommige Nederlanders die hier wonen.

Heleen uit Williamsburg.

Dutch passport photo

If you are in need of passport pictures for a country within the European union, i highly recommend Henrico Photo.
Erin is professional and very nice.
Thank you Erin for the same day appointment and the time you took to show us that Germany isn't the only country within the European union that is very particular about the passport pictures.

It was nice to meet you.


German passport photo

Erin is great, very meticulously.
Its in house studio, ample parking, very good price.
Perfect for Dutch and US passport pictures.

You can see a lot of samples.


Dutch passport photo

Erin was great on all counts, making it easy to get a perfect professional French passport photo for our 6-year-old.
She has the latest technology to match international specifications and kept the process both fun and efficient.

Nick Godt

French passport photo